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1 Month Weekend Acting For Film Course

Are you a beginner who dreams of becoming an actor on screen? Join our 1-Month Weekend Acting for Film Course at the Prague Film Institute. Perfect for those with busy weekday schedules, this entry-level course runs every Saturday and Sunday, offering immersive, hands-on training. You’ll dive into performing scenes, practicing the Stanislavski acting technique, and getting comfortable with the camera. Benefit from insider tips on casting and career management, and at the end of the course, we’ll provide you with professional headshots and a high-quality introduction video. Additionally, you’ll learn how to create a professional self-tape using your phone. With small class sizes for personalized attention and networking opportunities with aspiring filmmakers, you’ll be fully equipped to kickstart your film acting career. Don’t miss your chance to turn your dreams into reality—enroll now!

course highlights

Why take the course?

Professional headshots

We will provide you with professional photographer to get acting headshots of industry standard.

Introduction video

We’ll equip you with a high-quality introduction video—a vital tool for launching your career and get noticed an by the industry.

Professional self-tape

You’ll receive training on creating professional self-tapes, a fundamental skill necessary for breaking into the industry or pursuing further studies in acting for film.

Career management

Gain access to an industry list of contacts and seize networking opportunities with fellow aspiring filmmakers at the Prague Film Institute.

what will you learn?

The course spans one month, with lessons held all day on Saturdays and Sundays at our school located in the historic center of Prague. In addition to class sessions, you’ll also receive homework assignments to further enhance your learning experience. 

The course includes professional photoshoots for headshots and video shooting session to create high-quality introduction videos. These materials will serve as your actors’ presentations, invaluable assets that you can leverage in your future careers or studies. The total course duration is 48 hours.

Techniques for expressing emotions on camera

Career management

  • Orientaiton in industry (list of websites, agencies)
  • Casting preparation
  • Continued education

Homework assignments: interactive scene practice

Get ready to put your skills to the test with engaging homework assignments focused on practicing scenes and expressions directly in front of the camera. Using your mobile phone, you’ll film these assignments at home and then receive personalized feedback and recommendations for improvement during class sessions with your teacher. It’s hands-on learning tailored to help you grow and excel in your craft.

Shooting of introduction video

Every actor needs a standout introduction video. As part of our course package, we’ll provide you with a high-quality video at no extra cost. It’s your time to shine, and we’re here to make sure you make a lasting impression from the start.

Acting for film

  • Performing scenes and get professional feedback
  • Overview of different acting techniques
  • Learn how to apply Stanislavski acting technique
  • Learn to be friends with camera 

Basics of improvisation

Improvisation is a crucial skill for actors, enhancing creativity, adaptability, and collaboration, and making you more versatile and dynamic on set. You’ll learn to think quickly and respond naturally using the “Yes, And…” technique. You’ll practice developing characters on the spot, sharpening your listening skills, and expressing emotions authentically in unscripted scenes.

Voice training

You will learn techniques to improve vocal strength, clarity, and expressiveness, essential for delivering impactful performances on camera. 

Photo-shooting of headshots

program details

What is Included

We understand that by choosing to study with us you are making a big financial commitment. We want to make sure you understand exactly what your tuition fee will cover when you decide to become a Prague Film Institute student.

  • Lectures and practical classes
  • Certificate after successful completion of the course
  • Guaranteed small group – up to 12 people
  • Photoshoot of professional acting headshots
  • Shooting of your introduction video  

Not Included

  • Visa fees & health insurance
  • Living expenses (housing, food, transportation)
  • Transportation

However, Prague is still cheaper than many European cities. The capital offers very safe living environment with high rating in housing and healthcare.

Questions about the course or our school?

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