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Transforming Aspiring Talent into Creative Professionals

We are proud to be the only school that delivers ready-to-work professionals for  filmmaking and creative industries. Our students are exceptionally well-prepared for careers in filmmaking and creative industries compared to graduates from traditional schools.

At Prague Film Institute, we believe that the key to becoming a filmmaker is by actually making films. This is why the bread and butter of your education are practical workshops, masterclasses, and excursions at our industry partners. We guarantee internship opportunities, and exceptional students may even work on major cinema productions. Whether you are making your own festival-worthy short film or working on professional film set, your credits and showreel are the most valuable things you take with you into your new career.

At our school, students have the exciting opportunity to create their own acting or film showreels as part of their studies. This hands-on experience allows them to showcase their talents and skills, building valuable portfolios that can open doors to future career opportunities in the filmmaking and creative arts industry.


Our year-long programs are accredited by British BTEC Higher Nationals, internationally-recognized qualifications at levels 4 and 5, equivalent to the first and second years of a university degree. These qualifications provide pathways for progression to both university and employment. Additionally, majority of our programs is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education as retraining courses.


Impress your future employers with a unique showreel including specialised materials, such as underwater shooting, drone cinematography, and action scenes. For our acting students, demonstrate your arsenal of skills in your demo reel, such as accents, fight scenes, and improvisation. Learn how to apply yourself in career management classes. Studying the craft of filmmaking in theory isn’t enough; you need to prepare yourself to get a job too! 


For 8 years, I was inviting students from various film schools through the Erasmus+ program to join a semester-long traineeship on set for my large-scale movies. Again and again, I was shocked that they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. They would arrive on set wearing white sneakers and light leather jackets on days when we were shooting in cold, wet, and muddy conditions. Even though they studied film, they were completely naive about what real filmmaking is like. This is why I decided to expand my film school, where I could train students for a real career in the film industry. 

Viktor Kristof
Founder & Awarded Film Producer



Prague Film Institute was founded and started cultural programs for youth and children.



Began accepting interns for traineeships through the EU’s Erasmus+ program



Accredited and approved to deliver Pearson’s BTEC qualifications



Earned accreditation with the Czech Ministry of Education as retraining courses



Launched Acting for Film and Content Creation programs




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