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1 Year Acting for film Course

Our comprehensive 1-year Acting for Film course is designed with a strong emphasis on practical learning, you will have chance to participate as an actor on up to 20 short films and scenes of different styles including 2 festival-worthy final films, which will be created by the students of our filmmaking courses. The Acting for Film course allows you to delve deep into the craft of acting and also provides you with training in special skills: fight scenes, green screen acting, accents, dance and music. Guided by our experienced tutors, who are practicing artists in the film industry, you will receive expert instruction from professionals who understand the nuances of the field. During the course, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with both professional directors and aspiring filmmakers, fostering connections that will shape your future career. Within our course each student will create their own professional showreel, featuring their best performances, and get connection with casting agencies and directors. Our course goes beyond teaching the art of acting for film; it equips you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the film industry with specific topic How to get the job. Upon completion, you will be awarded the prestigious BTEC Level 4 HNC qualification in performing arts, validating your skills and preparing you for a fulfilling career in the world of acting.

our value proposition

course highlights


Each teacher is a practicing artist in the film industry, ready to share their knowledge and experiences.


Our school offers many connections with casting agencies and casting directors, professional directors, and aspiring filmmakers who need you for their stories.


The film world is full of action movies. As an actor for film, you can learn how to use guns, swords, and daggers, and you´ll be trained in the basics of martial arts.


You will build a professional showreel featuring your best performances selected from movies and scenes that you will shoot during the course. This showreel will help you to promote yourself.


Accents, green screen acting, improvisation, dancing, music. All these skills you can learn during our course.


Acting for Film course goes beyond teaching just acting technique. You can be a great actor, but you also need to know how to get a job!

Enhance your sefl-promotion


By the end of each semester, every student will receive a showreel comprised of their best performances. This showreel will demonstrate their talent and progress throughout their studies. Moreover, we believe in continuous improvement, which is why we enhance the showreel each semester with new shots from films and scenes in which the student has acted during their program. All the films and scenes will be filmed using top-quality movie equipment (look at our equipment list), ensuring that their showreels have the highest professional appearance. We are committed to providing our students with the best tools and resources to succeed in their film acting careers.

what you will study


Below, you will find an overview of our curriculum. Our school places a strong emphasis on practical learning, led by experienced and professional actors. Our program not only covers the fundamentals of acting but also provides specialized training in various skills and theoretical analysis of films.


You will delve into various acting techniques, including:

  • method acting
  • improvisation,
  • character development
  • emotional expression

Through practical exercises and scene work, you will develop a versatile acting toolkit.


You will learn many kinds of physical acting, including:

  • pantomime
  • body language
  • scenic movement
  • non-verbal improvisation


Voice acting is one of the most important parts of acting craft.

You will learn:

  • accents
  • dialects
  • character development (colors of your voice)
  • dubbing


Students will have the opportunity to analyze and perform scenes from renowned films, studying the choices made by actors and directors. This analysis helps them understand the intricacies of storytelling, character dynamics, and the collaborative nature of filmmaking.


We believe that auditioning is a crucial skill for actors. Our program includes dedicated sessions on audition techniques, helping students prepare for casting calls and present their best selves to industry professionals.


You will learn how to create the most suitable career plan for you. That includes short term goals, long term goals, and smart targets. Do you struggle with self-presentation? This subject will teach you how to promote yourself, what your contract must include, where you can find the opportunity to get the job, and how to negotiate with production companies, producers and with directors.


Prague is the city with the best-established stunt groups in the world. Basics of martial arts, stunt technigues, and using film props such as guns, swords, daggers are highly required in the movie world. And you can gain all these skills during our Acting for Film course.


Many times directors need to have actor who are able to dance (jazz, ballet, contemporary dance, street dance…) , play the piano or guitar and even singing is often important part of acting craft. You will have the opportunity to choose which of these additional skills you would like to learn.

additional details

What To Bring?

We recommend that all new Prague Film Institute students purchase their own:

  • Portable external drive: minimum storage 1 TB
  • Laptop: we recommend that all new Prague Film Institute students bring their own personal laptops for self guided learning and assignments. 

What is Included

We understand that by choosing to study with us you are making a big financial commitment. We want to make sure you understand exactly what your tuition fee will cover when you decide to become a Prague Film Institute student.

  • Lectures, workshops & master classes
  • Teaching materials
  • Qualification BTEC HNC Level 4 in Performing Arts
  • Green-screen and cinema room on-site
  • Professional film internship for high-achieving students
  • Field trips to industry partners
  • Discounts at our industry partners

Not Included

  • Air fare
  • Visa fee & health insurance
  • Living expenses (housing, food, transportation)

Hovewer Prague is still cheaper than many European cities. The capital offers very safe living environment with high rating in housing and healthcare.


After finishing 1 Year Acting for Film Course, you will receive qualification BTEC Level 4 HNC in Performing Arts


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