1How good does my English have to be?
To enjoy your time at PFI and keep up with the pace of study, you will need to communicate with your tutors and classmates fluently. We require English at a minimum B2 level (ECFR framework). Please take the time to consider your level both in written and spoken English.
2Do I need to know any Czech?
No, all programs are taught in English only. Our students come from all over the world, so our classes are very cosmopolitan.
3How many students will there be in the class with me?
It will be you and 8-15 other students in the classes. Groups may be larger for theoretical lectures.
4Do Czech people understand English?
Yes, pretty much everyone in Prague has a basic knowledge of English. Also our Student Office can help you in all matters where language might be an issue.
5Do I need my own camera or gear?
No, all professional equipment will be provided by PFI.
6Does PFI provide housing?
Yes. You can choose from different accommodation categories. Or you can arrange accommodation on your own, if you wish. If the housing is arranged by us, we will automatically send you Confirmation of Housing in Czech, which is a document required for visa applications.
7Does the school provide meals?
No. Our students cook their meals themselves or eat out in the many affordable restaurants in Prague.
8Is PFI an accredited institution?
Our Filmmaking Programme is granted for the accreditation BTEC Higher National HNC/HND in Creative Media Industry (Pathway Film). BTEC Higher Nationals are internationally recognised Higher Education qualifications delivered to over 100,000 students a year in 60 countries worldwide. They are widely recognized both by the industry and higher education institutions. The qualification is equivalent to the first two years of a 3-year university degree.
9What budget will I need to live in Prague comfortably?
Price levels in the Czech Republic are below the European average. You can have lunch at restaurant for CZK 150. Supermarket prices: bread CZK 25, beer CZK 20, butter CZK 45 CZK. Exchange rate is around CZK 25,5 / 1 EUR. You can find the current exchange rate here: http://www.cnb.cz/en/index.html
10Can I work while studying at PFI?
The study programs are often more than full-time in their demands, so sustaining a job is nearly impossible and is not recommended.
11Does PFI provide job placement?
We provide our students the opportunity of professional placement in big and small productions through our own unique database that connects them directly to production companies. In this way they have a chance to enter the film industry while they study and start gaining professional experience.
12Will you return the tuition fee if my visa application is rejected?
Yes. If you send us confirmation of the rejection from your Consulate, legally translated into Czech or English, we will promptly return your full tuition.
13Is it possible to translate and legally authorise scanned documents sent to PFI by email?
No, this is not possible. The translator can only legally authorise translations from original documents.
14What is included in tuition fees?
Click here to know more about charges.
15Do you offer scholarships?
Read more about financial aid here.