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Application Filmmaking Evening Course

What is needed

Evening & Weekend Filmmaking Course

This evening course runs for three months. In the first two months, classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday (6-9pm), along with sessions every second weekend (7 hours each day). During the final month, classes are at the weekends held more frequently, occurring every weekend.

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Filmmaking Evening Course

Dates and Tuition: see Price List

Entry Requirements

English or Czech language: Communicative Level

Language of the course depends on the date:

Monday 1 Jul – Wednesday 31 Jul (English – suitable for foreigners)
Thursday 1 Aug – Saturday 31 Aug (Czech)

Choose a date which fits the best your language.

Secondary School Certificate

Example of Creative Work

Example of creative work may include (for example): photography, footage, short video, show real, short story, scenario, visualisation, music or best sample(s) of your film project with clear explanation of your involvement and role in it.

Motivational Letter

Submit a motivational letter with length of 1-2 standard pages (250-500 words) about why you want to study film and why at our school specifically.



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