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Experience the Prague Film Institute through the eyes of our students. Select a student to chat with on WhatsApp and learn more about our programs, the school environment, and life in the heart of Prague’s historical center. Our students are here to answer your questions, share their experiences, and help you understand what it means to be part of our filmmaking community.

Paola Henric


Paola is a French-Mexican actress, film director, and interior designer. She has a bachelor degree in Interior Design, but later decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of working in the film industry. After gaining experience as an actor and producer on stage and on several films and TV series, she returned to school to take her skills to the next level and become a film director. She is currently in her second year at Prague Film Institute.

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Rostyslav Kuzmytskyi


Rostyslav, or Rostik, is a Ukrainian filmmaker with professional experience on big-budget film sets in Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. He was awarded the Work-Study Award for two years in a row due to his dedication to his craft and his unwavering professionalism; he graduated in 2024. He studied photography and filmmaking in secondary school. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave the Ukraine when the war escalated in 2022. 

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Paula Rurane


Paula is a Latvian filmmaker who graduated from our 1 Year Course in 2023. After completing her Bachelor degree in Psychology and taking a gap year to travel in North America, she returned to school to pivot her career to filmmaking. Paula is now working professionally in a production company in her home city of Riga.

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