COVID-19: Study at PFI in 2021 academic year

We are still opened, no programs cancelled.
We completely understand and share your concerns regarding the current situation of the pandemic. Based on this we decided to slightly postpone the start of next academic year.

The start of our 1-year study programs will be postponed to March 15, 2021 (previously January 11, 2021). The new application deadline is February 30, 2021. The end of the program will be the same as previously planned, December 2021. You can be part of the intensive summer course instead of free holidays period in July-August, which will make you catch up on the first two months.
If you are unable to join us at the start of your course because of pandemic related travel or visa issues restrictions, we guarantee that you will not miss out. We will help you to engage in learning remotely and you will be able to join the course physically for hands-on lessons at a later date.