Professional Filmmaking


Cinematography lessons in professional rental house

Filmmaking Equipment

One of the greatest advantages of our school is a full-service public rental house LS Lumination Pictures situated on our campus. Your cinematography classes are taught in this rental house. You will have access to all available filmmaking equipment and get chance to compare features and specifications of the gear side-by-side.

in-house rental

During your cinematography classes you will have access to cinema cameras Alexa Mini, Alexa Amira, Red Gemini, Red Dragon, Sony F55, various lenses, grips, lighting equipment and many more.


List of equipment

equipment for graduation film

For shooting of your final film (with minimum length 7 minutes), which could take up to 5 days, all students of our year-long programs will be provided with a complete kit of filmmaking gear in the value of more than 90 000 USD. Essential production cost and professional post-production facilities are included.


postproduction facilities

For editing you may use the school’s powerful editing stations suitable for 8k projects and work with Da Vinci software. You can also book time in our partner’s Twin Star Film professional editing room which is located in our building.

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