Professional Filmmaking


Cinematography lessons in professional rental house

Filmmaking Equipment

During your time here, you will have access to high-end filmmaking equipment. One of the greatest advantages of our school is huge range of industry-standard equipment at your fingertips to use. Our equipment is available for you to use free of charge both during the classes and on your own final film projects.


Filmmaking technology is constantly being improved and old technologies replaced. This is why we teach our students with current, professional cameras and technology..


  • RED Dragon
  • RED Gemini
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras 6K Pro
  • GoPro 4k

Camera Accessories

  • Matte boxes: SmallRig Mini Matte Box Pro
  • ND filters: SmallRig ND 1.2
  • ND filters: SmallRig ND 0.6
  • External Monitors: FeelWorld P7S
  • External Monitors: AndyCine 4K
  • External Monitors: RED Pro Touch LCD


Even the best cameras cannot create a perfect image without high-quality lenses. Our students learn how to make motivated choices about which focal length is best for their film’s desired image and mood.


  • DZO Film Prime Lenses PL-Mount: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 125mm
  • DZO Film Prime Lenses EF-Mount: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm


Whether our students are shooting indoors, outdoors, in a studio, or in their home, we have lights for every location.


  • SmallRig BiColor 120B
  • SmallRig BiColor 220B
  • Weeylite RGB LED Panel Sprite 40
  • Sirio Daylight Fresnel HMI 575w
  • Sirio Daylight Fresnel HMI 1500w
  • Sirio Daylight Fresnel HMI 2000w
  • Fomei Studio LED DMX 300B
  • Fomei Studio LED DMX 150B
  • Fomei Studio LED DMX 250 Roll
  • Fomei RGB LED Fresnel DMX 200F
  • Neewer Ring light 18”

in-house rental

During your cinematography classes you will have access to cinema cameras Alexa Mini, Alexa Amira, Red Gemini, Red Dragon, Sony F55, various lenses, grips, lighting equipment and many more.


List of equipment

equipment for graduation film

For shooting of your final film (with minimum length 7 minutes), which could take up to 5 days, all students of our year-long programs will be provided with a complete kit of filmmaking gear in the value of more than 90 000 USD. Essential production cost and professional post-production facilities are included.

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