We've moved our school to new premises! Now you will have a chance to study every day in a professional environment, our premises are in the heart of the industry. We share a building with award-winning directors; with professional filming equipment at your reach, as well as postproduction facilities. We have prepared studios, workshops and classrooms for our students.

Stunt Facilities

Our school cooperates with stunt professionals from the renowned Czech Stunt Fighters Association. During the study program students will get the opportunity to learn more about action scenes composition, combat, rigging, camera and safety.


Our Institute resides in Prague in an actual working film studio and it works in close cooperation with Three Brothers Film Production Company and Twin Start Film. The school premises consist of two major sites; the main campus is located in the film studio consisting of various postproduction facilities, classrooms, sound studio and rental house with cutting edge equipment. The second campus is located near the main campus and serves as the prop house and outdoor shooting area, approximately 40000 m2.

Technical Equipment

The student are provided with up to date equipment including (Alexa Mini, Red Monstro and more), not only for their camera lessons, but also for their own projects (up to 5 days of shooting). The value of the provided equipment is up to 5000 euro and is tailored for each project together with camera tutor and availability. Additional equipment can be acquired at a huge discount special for PFI students up to 70% of standard rates.

Prop House

During your studies you will be allowed full access to one of the largest historical props and weapon houses in Europe, located on the school’s premises. For those students looking for a wider assortment of props, we cooperate with the nearby Barrandov Studios, where more than 260,000 costumes, hairpieces and accessories are available for a 50% discount.
One of the most important elements of a film production is the Production Design. Decorating sets with proper props is essential, especially when it’s an old era to recreate. Films such as “Gladiator”, or tv series such as “Game of Thrones” wouldn’t be what they are without all the props and other scenography elements, which made them true to their story. The Barrandov Costume and Props Department (Fundus) is an integral part of the Barrandov Studio, and one of the largest costume and props rental services in Europe. They offer more than 500,000 pieces of costumes. The range of costumes, props and make-up accessories covers historical time periods ranging from the Stone Age to the present day. The Barrandov costume and props workshops are world-renowned for their outstanding quality of workmanship.

Mobile Facilities

For students shooting in outdoor locations there are minibuses, cars, special trailers and equipment.

Trailers - costumes, make-up, catering, props, SFX and service cars fully equipped for repairs of weapons, armour, props, and for scene-dressing
Cars and an off-road vehicle
Basic equipment
Smoke generator
Walkie talkies

Sound Facilities

Putting theory into practice. You will apply the concepts and techniques you’ve learned in our partners Sound Square studio and have the chance to use our partner’s on-site sound facilities for your own projects. You will also have access to the PFI recording studio for ADR recording.

Post Production Suites

The Prague Film Institute offers to the students an everyday access to a class powerful editing station with sufficient storage for even 8k projects and on request an access to professional editing station suitable for projects of any scale.. The Hollywood level postproduction a special effects lessons will be guided by PFX Tutors including a practical visit of PFX.


Lessons take place in onsite classrooms and practical lessons also at our external partner’s profesional premises. Aside from scheduled teaching sessions, you will have access to the on-site studios to continue working on your projects on your own whenever the school is open. Classrooms are equiped with wireless projector, soundsystem, printer/scanner and all what is necessery.

Creative Room

A place where you can have a productive meeting, edit and play retro video games on 4K 60inch screen.