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Join us for one of our open doors days full of immersive workshops of exploration and hands-on learning from professional filmmakers at our school in the heart of Prague’s historical center. Our mission is to empower aspiring filmmakers with the skills, knowledge and industry connections needed to thrive in the world of cinema.

Explore Professional Filmmaking

We are excited to offer our free educational workshops suitable for beginners to advanced learners. In addition, you will have the opportunity to win discounts or even a free course! Join us in person or online via live streaming and choose the presentations you would like to attend—select all or just a few that interest you.

Gain experience working on a film set under the guidance of our expert instructors here at Prague Film Institute with full day of interactive masterclasses and film workshops, including snacks and water. Meet curious filmmakers and actors like yourself and collaborate on new ideas. 


Featuring Our Prague Film Institute Faculty

Viktor Kristof | Film Producer

Alongside numerous internationally awarded productions, Viktor has also been involved in co-producing a wide range of global and Hollywood movies (Blade II., League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Van Helsing, Hellboy, Narnia – Princ Kaspian, Three Musketeers, Dune, Knight’s Tale, Avalon, etc.). He worked as a Line Producer on the most expensive Czech film, ‘Medieval’, and he is also founder of our school.

Marc Cram | Voice and Improvisation Tutor

Marc is a founding member of multiple theatres, boasts a career spanning over 30 years. He has performed in thousands of improv shows, hundreds of plays and musicals, and numerous films, TV shows, and video games. He is an experienced improvisation instructor, having taught at theatres and universities across America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Mihir Kulkarni | Director of Photography

Mihir comes originally from India and is now based in Prague. His recent projects were internationally-acknowledged and awarded in the Rome Film Festival, Cannes World Film Festival, Madrid Short Film Festival, and many more.

robin kasparik

Robin Kasparik | Director

Robin’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “I Am The Doorway” won Grand Jury Prize at the Nashville Film Festival in 2017 and was presented in top genre festival Sitges. He has also worked on multiple co-production film sets in Prague for Netflix and HBO+.

george cremaschi

George Cremaschi | Composer and Sound Designer

George Cremaschi was born in New York, where he studied music and composition. He has worked professionally as a musician, composer, and recording engineer since the 1980s throughout the US, South America, and Europe. As a composer and performer, George has worked with musicians, dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, installation artists and writers. He now teaches sound production at many film schools and conservatories. 

viktor dohstein

Victor Dohlsten | Actor

Swedish actor Victor works with the Prague Shakespeare Company while shooting projects across Europe, filming a long list of commercials, TV shows and movies. He has also been touring Sweden for many years with four of his own self-written shows.

Saimir Bajo

Saimir Bajo | Scriptwriter

Saimir Bajo is an Albanian/Czech award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, director, playwright, producer, lecturer and scholar. His film projects have been in a number of prestigious film festivals and competitions including Berlinale Co-Production Market, CineLink, Co-Production Market at Sarajevo International Film Festival, ALBAScript and Cineuropa, TIFForm and Torino Film Lab, Meeting Point Vilnius, Zagreb DOX Pro and Creative Europe programs. Saimir is developing his new feature film, Journey to Awakening.

Michael Havas | Documentary

Michael is Czech-New Zealand director. Since 1972, he has written, directed and produced over 60 films, many of which have won international awards. He has worked for numerous TV networks and organizations, such as BBC Bristol, Channel 4, The Discovery Channel, New Zealand TV, Czech Television, ARD, ZDF, Swiss TV, MTV Europe, Ravensburger Film and TV Germany, Koninck International London, Lumen Films Paris, Max Planck Society, and Amnesty International.

nicolas bordier

Nicolas Bordier | Cinematographer

Nicolas worked as camera assistant for more than 10 years with an important experience as focus puller on International Projects as Overdrive, Knightfall, Carnival Row, and more than 200 commercials. His recent projects were internationally awarded in Nashville, Hollyshorts, Sitges, Girona, London, Kolkata, and many other Festivals. He graduated from ENSAV National film school (Toulouse) in 2006.

Varvara Satunova | Video Editor

Varvara Šatunova is a film editor and mixed media filmmaker. She is a graduate of FAMU Prague in editing and of Masaryk University Brno in film studies.  She focuses on documentary, fiction, and experimental films. As a teacher, Varvara emphasizes the importance of strong film language and audiovisual storytelling.

Our Workshop Agenda


From Idea to Cinemas & Netflix Distribution: How to Create a Successful Film?

09:30 - 10:20 am

Tutor: Viktor Krištof 
Suitable for Levels: From Beginners to Advanced

What you can learn about in this MasterClass?

  • What types of producers exists
  • How to find a prosperous idea
  • Types of distribution
  • Elements of successful film 

Presentation of Docu-Expedition in Kenya

10:20 - 10:50 am

Speakers: Michael Havas, Petros Teka
Suitable for Levels: From Beginners to Advanced

Presentation of the upcoming project by awarded director Michael Havas (BBC, The Discovery Channel, Czech Television, MTV Europe, etc.) and our graduate Petros Teka. Opportunity for participants to get involved in the project.


No Script - No Film!

11:00 - 11:50 AM

Tutor: Saimir Bajo

Suitable for Levels: From Beginners to Intermediate

During the workshop you will learn about key elements of every script:

  • Character – who?
  • Objective – what do they want/need?
  • Obstacles – what is preventing them from reaching their objective and therefore creating plot?
  • ⁠Theme – what is the story really about?

Act now! – Rapid Film Acting Workshop

12:00 - 12:50 PM

Tutor: Victor Dohlsten
Suitable for Levels: From Beginners to Advanced

Dive into the world of acting during this practical workshop where we will focus on:

  • Physicality & movement
  • Character development
  • Expressive delivery
  • Audition preparation
  • Learning to enjoy the process

Improvisation for the Actor 

1:00 - 2:00 PM

Tutor: Marc Cram
Suitable for Levels: From Beginners to Advanced

An improviser is three things: actor, director and scenographer. Workshop will focus on character development, status, spontaneity and storytelling. Bring you depth as an actor in a fun and hilarious way of this workshop. The tools of improvisation gained during this workshop can help you not only in your acting career but also in your daily life. 


Lunch Break

2:00 - 3:00 pm

For lunch, we will provide you with a list of recommended restaurants located nearby in the historical center where you can enjoy a meal without breaking the bank.


Camera & Lighting: Filmmaking Equipment

3:00 - 3:50 PM

Tutor: Mihir Kulkarni/Nicolas Bordier
Suitable for Levels: Beginners, Intermediate

Take a tour in our equipment room; see what modern cameras, lights, and sound equipment look like, guided by our cinematography tutor.



Essential Elements of Film Sound

4:00 - 4:50 PM

Tutor: George Cremaschi
Suitable for Levels: Beginners, Intermediate

During this workshop you will learn:

  • How to identify the basic elements of film sound production
  • How to implement sound ideas into the conception and preparation of films
  • The importance for directors and writers to fully comprehend the role of sound
  • Specific emphasis on use of sound in short low-budget films

It‘s Time to Film!

5:00 - 7:00 PM

Tutors: Robin Kasparik, George Cremaschi, Mihir Kulkarni, Varvara Satunova
Suitable for Levels: Beginners

During this unique workshop designed by PFI, we will offer you to experience the various filmmaking positions such as:

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Boom operator
  • 1st AC (Clapperboard)

…and to film and edit your first movie scene!

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