8 Weeks

Acting for Film Course

An immersive and comprehensive summer program tailored to deepen your understanding of the craft of Acting through hands-on experience. Perfect for aspiring actors with minimal experience and passionate performers seeking to elevate their craft and propel their careers forward. This all-encompassing 8-week course spans acting techniques, specialized talents, and essential career management. Expand your knowledge with exclusive masterclasses featuring casting directors, agents, film directors, and other industry luminaries.

Be mentored by esteemed professional actors from Netflix, HBO, and big-brand commercials who make up the faculty of Prague Film Institute. Showcase your talent and build a complete portfolio, including headshots, self-tapes, and a demo-reel. At the end of the course, star in short films created by students enrolled in our Intensive Cinematography Course. Classes are taught in English in small, dynamic groups of only 10-15 people.

our value proposition

course highlights


Act in the short films of your classmates in the filmmaking course and be seen at any number of festival around the world. 


Our school offers many connections with casting agencies and casting directors, professional directors, and aspiring filmmakers who need you for their stories.


Cinema is full of action movies. As an actor, you can learn how to use guns, swords, and daggers, and be trained in the basics of martial arts.


Build a professional showreel featuring your best performances that will be shot during the course. This showreel is essential for promoting yourself.


Accents, green screen acting, improvisation, dancing, music. All these skills you can learn during our course.


You can be a great actor, but you also need to know how to get a job! Learn about career management and be an active member of our partner’s casting database for up to 20 years. 

What awaits you here?

All our teachers are professional actors, ready to share their knowledge and experience. 


Classes in acting technique that cover such topics as…

  • Understanding the Script
  • Character Development
  • Physicality and Expression
  • Camera Awareness


Get out of your head and think with your body in physical acting classes. Essential topics include…

  • Body Awareness
  • Character Movement Studies
  • Sensory Experience
  • Working with Space and Objects
  • Partner and Ensemble Collaboration


The Stanislavski Method, developed by Russian actor and director Konstantin Stanislavski teaches actors to bring authenticity into their performances. Aspects of Stanislavski’s technique include…

  • Emotional Truth
  • Given Circumstances
  • Objective and Super-Objective
  • The Magic “If”
  • Moment-to-Moment Realism


Learn how to stand out from the crowd and be booked in commercials! Areas to focus on include…

  • Getting auditions
  • Audition focus
  • Commercial acting
  • Training and consistency


Acting is all about connecting mind, body, and heart. Learn how to become a holistic actor with these practices:

  • Mindfulness
  • Psychophysical Exercises
  • Character Psychology
  • Visualization and Imagination


Master the pillars of improvisation and get more “tools in your toolbox” to apply to any scene:

  • Listening Skills
  • Risk-Taking and Fearlessness
  • Character and Relationship Exploration
  • Scene Building Technique


Commedia dell’Arte is a theatrical form originating in the 16th-century in Italy. Its influence on modern theatre is evident which is why this art form is still taught today. You will learn these traits of Commedia dell’Arte: 

  • Historical Context
  • Stock Characters
  • Improvisation
  • Physical Comedy and Slapstick


Mobilize your body in the morning so it is open and energized for any scene throughout the day. Methods of movement include… 

  • The basics of dance
  • Yoga flow


As an actor, you are your business. Learn the essential components of managing a professional career, such as… 

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Brand Building
  • Networking Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Continued Education 

Specialized Workshops

Personal branding

From headshots to self-tapes to social media; it’s all about communicating effectively who you are as an actor. 

Intimacy scenes

Work with an intimacy coordinator to learn how to approach intimate scenes with sensitivity and professionalism. 

Fight Scene Acting

Throw a punch, take a leap, and swing a sword convincingly on camera. Learn the secret tricks to making action scenes look so exciting!

Directing techniques for actors

Each director has a unique approach to working with actors. Learn how to adjust appropriately and communicate with any director.

Voice training

The voice is 50% of the actor’s toolkit for creating a character. With improved dynamic range from careful training, an actor can better embody the role using their voice. 

legal representation

Many actors are their own agent at the beginning of their career. It is important to thoroughly understand your legal rights and limitations when you’re hired for a role. 

program details

What To Bring?

We recommend that all Prague Film Institute acting students bring their own…

  • Laptop for notes and for storing footage for your showreel
  • Comfortable athletic clothes for movement-based classes, including sneakers. 

What is Included

We understand that by choosing to study with us you are making a big financial commitment. We want to make sure you understand exactly what your tuition fee will cover when you decide to become a Prague Film Institute student.

  • Lectures, workshops & master classes
  • Teaching materials
  • Prague Film Institute Certificate 
  • Filmmaking equipment and editing software
  • Green-screen and cinema room on-site
  • Discounts at our industry partners

Not Included

  • Air fare
  • Visa fee & health insurance
  • Living expenses (housing, food, transportation)
  • Production costs (such as locations, props, costumes, etc.) 

However, Prague is still cheaper than many European cities. The capital offers very safe living environment with high rating in housing and healthcare.


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