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available for your final film

On this page you can find complete list of equipment available for shooting of your final film. In case you will need something special you can rent it out from our partner rental LS Lumination Picture with up to 70% discount.

  • Alexa Amira
  • Red Monstro
  • Sony F55(with view finder)
  • Sony sxs card 128GB
  • Card reader
  • Arri UltraPrime 16mm
  • Arri UltraPrime 24mm
  • Arri UltraPrime 50mm
  • Arri UltraPrime 85mm
  • Arri UltraPrime 135mm
  • Angenieux 15-40 f2.6
  • TvLogic 21” monitor
  • Small HD 502
  • Monitor hood 5”
  • Cmotion
  • Vaxis wireless video set (double receiver) Arri clamp-on mattebox LMB-25 SDI cables
  • Long legs
  • Medium legs
  • Hi-hat
  • O’connor 2575D
  • Swit V-mount battery charger classic 2ch
  • ND3
  • ND6
  • ND9
  • d-tap splitter
  • Diaopter
  • Filters
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