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Prague Film Institute is located at the heart of the filmmaking industry in Prague. You will be sharing a building with professional production companies and a rental house full of high-tech equipment which you will use during your cinematography lessons and for your diploma film. 

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In 2020 we’ve moved our school to new premises! Now you will have a chance to study every day in a professional environment, our premises are in the heart of the industry. We share a building with award-winning directors; with professional filming equipment at your reach, as well as postproduction facilities.

professional filmmaking equipment

Full-service public rental house with professional cameras, lenses, grips, lighting equipment and many more is found on our campus. During cinematography classes you will have access to all available film equipment including cinema cameras Alexa Mini and Red Monstro. 

post production facilities

The Prague Film Institute offers to the students everyday access to a class powerful editing station with sufficient storage for even 8k projects and, on request, access to a professional editing station suitable for projects of any scale.


At our school premises one can find a comfortable classroom equipped with special gaming chairs, A4 printer for student’s usage and projector. Between classes you can spend time in the school’s creative room equipped with gaming console, large TV, lazy bag and computer with software Da Vinci / Premiere. On our school’s floor there is also a small kitchen with coffee machine, microwave and cooker at your disposal. 

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