Scholarships Academic Year 2021

We offer a range of scholarships and funding options for upcoming academic year. Applicants to the scholarship must meet strict requirements. First of all, they must be students of our long-term study programmes. Secondly, they have to pass all the exams required among the top 10 per cent of students in their class according to their grade point average.

Thirdly, they must have outstanding student teaching evaluation report completed by supervising teacher. And finally, students have to submit properly filled application form. The final selection will be in hands of the Scholarship Committee which will carefully evaluate each applicant and make the final decision.

Film Grant

Win up to €5000 in funding for your upcoming film project. This grant includes rental services including actual available equipment of PFI’s partners, eg. cinematic equipment, props, costumes, vehicle fleet or office rooms.

Filmmaking Internship

This is a program providing PFI’s students and graduates an opportunity to participate on an internship in one of our prestigious industry partners. You will have the chance to work on film projects under the auspices of renowned film professionals.

Future Career

Get the opportunity to be personally introduced to the local filmmaking market. For the best students we will complete profile documentation with references and recommendations and present them to partners, who are key players in the industry.