5 Months Program

Semester Postproduction Course

Semester Postproduction Course is practical, full-time, suitable for beginners and taught on our campus in Prague, the Czech Republic. This study program will teach you the basics of post- production techniques and includes every week practising on short films as well as editing final high production value films shot by our classmates. You will also be required to learn the basic principles of filmmaking to make you understand the entire process of audiovisual production, which is crucial for kick starting your career in the film industry. The emphasis on post-production specialisation is given mostly during practical classes.

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course highlights

Film Editing Every Week

During the course, you will get a chance to practice post-production techniques on dozens of short films of different styles.

High Production Value Film

Edit high production value final films shot by your classmates on the most popular cinema cameras such as Red Monstro, Alexa Amira or Sony f55.


From all the edited films you will make an industry-standard showreel and present it to the panel of film professionals in a public cinema.

High production value film

During the semester you will invest most of the time practising postproduction on dozens of short films. At the end of the semester you will do postproduction of final films with higher production value compared to average school films. Through the guidance of your tutors, you will edit films that are on the same level as professional film productions. The final films which you will edit will be shot on professional filmmaking equipment such as Red Monstro, Alexa Amira or Sony F55.

what you will learn

post-production module

Below you can see the basic topics which you will complete on the course. You will turn into practice all knowledge acquired in the classroom. During practical exercises, you will equip yourself with basic key skills needed for film post-production and create industry-standard showreel. The curriculum of the semester course is identical to the first semester of the 1 Year Filmmaking Program.

Basics of Editing Techniques

Usage of Editing Techniques for Different Production Contexts


Terminology and Different Movie Parts

Types of Shots

Essentials of Continuity Editing

Parallel Editing

Montage/Jump Cut

Emotional Curve of the Scene

Timing and Pace

Bridging Scenes with Music

Cut by Color and Contrast

Cutting Dialogues

Editing for Different Genres

Basics of Color Grading

Basics of Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve Software

Basics of Sound Post-production

Introduction to Visual Effects


Consultations with Teachers

Practical Workshops

Post-production of High Quality Films

You will do post-production of final films of your classmates.



  • Basics of Mise-en-Scene Studies
  • Directing Actors
  • Film Theory
  • Basics of Film History
  • Mood Boards


From Concept to Final Draft


  • Film Crew: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Introduction to the Business of Film
  • Basics of Line Producing
  • Project Planning
  • Pitching
  • Casting
  • Introduction to the Business of Film
  • Basics of Movie Magic Scheduling Software


  • Principles of Camera and Lens Use in Cinematography
  • Basics of Safe Setup, Operation and Control of Cameras and Lenses
  • Compositional Theory of Cinematography
  • Features of Lighting in Cinematography in Creating a Visual language
  • Different Approaches to Lighting

program details

What To Bring?

We recommend that all new Prague Film Institute students purchase their own:

  • Portable external drive with minimum storage 2 TB
  • Laptop for self guided learning and post-production practice. Our goal is to teach students how to use their own computer for high quality results. Make sure that you choose a laptop which meets the minimum recommended specification. However, for tasks which requires specialist software tools, you will be also allowed to use Prague Film Institute’s computer equipment. 
ComponentMinimum RequirementRecommended Requirement
CPUIntel COre i7 or AMD Ryzen 7Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen 9
RAM16 GB32 GB+
Media StorageSSD or RAIDSSD, Direct Attached RAID or NAD RAID (10 GbE)


  • Budget for your films – our school emphasizes the importance of practical learning by making films. Unlike standard classroom education, the cost of practical filmmaking can vary a lot depending on your script and the vision of the director and cinematographer. For teacher-led workshops the school will cover all or most production costs. However, for shooting of your own films you and your classmates must pay yourselves. As part of our curriculum we will teach you how to be resourceful when it comes to production expenses. Even with clever budgeting, we estimate that you will need approximately 5 – 10 000 CZK per semester for shooting your projects and on top of it a budget for your final films at the end of each semester. The school will provide for you a bundle of filmmaking equipment and a transportation van, but all other production costs will be your responsibility. We encourage you to plan carefully about the budget of your short film. Write or choose a script that matches the funds you have available to produce it.

What is Included

We understand that by choosing to study with us you are making a big financial commitment. We want to make sure you understand exactly what your tuition fee will cover when you decide to become a Prague Film Institute student.

  • Lectures, workshops & master classes
  • Teaching materials
  • Prague Film Institute Certificate 
  • Equipment (see more here)
    • Industry standard cinema cameras & equipment
    • Full editing suite with post-production software
    • Individual licence to Premiere Pro/Da Vinci/AVID Pro Tool
    • School car for student projects
  • Green-screen and cinema room on-site
  • Field trips to industry partners
  • Discounts at our industry partners

Not Included

  • Air fare
  • Visa fee & health insurance
  • Living expenses (housing, food, transportation)
  • Production cost for your films (such as locations, actors, fuel) 

Hovewer Prague is still cheaper than many European cities. The capital offers very safe living environment with high rating in housing and healthcare.


After finishing the Semester Post-production Course, you can choose to continue to 1 Year Filmmaking Course and become eligible for the BTEC Level 4 HNC in Film.


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