Student Films

Explore films created by our students and teachers. All projects below were created with the contribution of students or PFI tutors in the film studios of our general partner, Three Brothers Production Company.

Students involved:
Eliška Milíčková (CZECH REPUBLIC) – Focus Puller
Jonáš Vacek (CZECH REPUBLIC) – Runner
Erasmus programme students (POLAND) – The College of Social and Media Culture
Student interships (SPAIN + BELORUSSIA)
ZLATO | Student film (2016)
Student involved:
Eldar Alizade (RUSSIA) – Production
MALIČKÁ NOŽKA | Student film (2015)
Student involved:
Eldar Alizade (RUSSIA) – Production
LOUČKA | Docudrama (2013)
Teachers involved:
Viktor Krištof – Acting, Producing
David Gočár – Director
JAN HUS | TV film (2015)
PFI provided students for TV film Jan Hus (2015)
Student intership (POLAND + ECUADOR)
Student involved:
Barbora Marková (CZECH REPUBLIC) – Production Assistant
BRIXTN | Music video (2017)
PFI Teachers involved:
Juan David Salazar (COLOMBIA) – Director
Igor Krištof (CZECH REPUBLIC) – Choreography
Petr Kubík (CZECH REPUBLIC) – Camera
Students and PFI teachers involved:
Students of The College of Social and Media Culture (POLAND)
Viktor Kristof (CZECH REPUBLIC) – Executive Producer
The film is about Jarek Ostravski, a miner like everyone else. But when one of the galleys blows in the mine and he saves a bunch of his friends from the halt, he becomes a hero. Suddenly his life takes a dramatic turn. He is promoted from the mine to the office to look after the miners. Who can guess how the whole thing is really ...

Students and PFI teachers involved:
Students from Erasmus programme (POLAND)
Viktor Kristof (CZECH REPUBLIC) – Production
Students and PFI teachers worked on 2017 film Muzzikanti (Musicians). The film is replete with songs and melodies - from folklore to rock - and takes place in the Czechoslovakian triple line, in the harsh but charming and ever magical region of Těšín Silesia.

Students (POLAND) – Acting, Clupper
Igor Kristof (President of Czech Stunt Fighters Association) – Stunt coordination
Viktor Kristof – Producer
Eldar Alizade – Production Assistant
Several PFI teachers were involved in the 2015 film, Montenegro. The film is about Andjela, a confident and mysterious young woman who decides to start an exciting and risky road trip adventure to Montenegro in the company of her best friend and two strangers. Part of a social experiment, this journey will prove to her that life doesn’t always have to be driven by reason.

Viktor Kristof – Producer
Jun Salazar – Acting, Camera, Production
Petr Kubík – Director
FETIH 1453 (2012)
Igor Kristof, PFI teacher and President of the Czech Stunt Fighters Association - responsible for action scene choreography in the most expensive film in Turkish cinema history, Fetih 1453 (English: The Conquest 1453). The epic action film story is based on fictionalized events surrounding the Fall of Constantinople (now Istanbul) to the Ottoman Turks during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II.

Igor Kristof (CZECH REPUBLIC | President of Czech Stunt Fighters Association) – Action scene choreography