Student Grant


Student Grant

Prague Film Institute is a private school and doesn’t directly provide financial aid or discounts in school fees. However applicant may be eligible for government fundings or loans through their national ministries of education or get a private loan from bank in their homecountrsies. You can check if similar support runs also in your country. On the other hand our school offers various benefits and film grants for students attending our year-long programs.  

meet the requirements

Student Film Grant

We offer 3 film grant options for each academic year. Applicants to the grant must meet several requirements. First of all, you must be a student of one of our year-long filmmaking courses. Secondly, you will have to pass all the exams required among the top 10 per cent of students in your class according to grade point average. Thirdly, you must have minimum required attendance in all subjects. And finally, you final film must win a pitch in front of a panel of professional filmmakers. 

Film Grant Awards

First Place: 1000 - 3000 USD

Second Place: 600 - 2000 USD

Third Place: 300 - 1000 USD

Budget can be used only for your final film.

Included: actors, locations, production design, equipment

Excluded: transportation, fuel, food



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