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After acceptance to Prague Film Institute you will need to apply for Czech visa, unless you are from EU country. 

 The Czech Republic is part of The European Union so with our long-term visa you will be allowed to travel in all member EU countries. This may come in handy if will be studying a long-term course and want to travel around Europe during summer break.

on your own

about visa process

You can use a visa agency or apply for visa on your own. Find more information about the visa process on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. 



Ifyou would rather not think about the visa process and would like guidance and someone to take care of all the time consuming and complicated paperwork, you can choose our cooperating visa service agency.

To choose the visa service agency, simply tick the visa service in the on-line application form. The price of the visa service varies according to your home country and requested range of agency’s services, usually it is between 600 – 1 000 USD. For more information about the price offer please contact the agency’s representative.

MANETE CZ s.r.o.

Ms. Kristyna Kolarova

email: kristyna@manete.cz

mobile: +420 724 358 757


what does the visa service agency provide?

service included

  • A visa specialist available by phone and email for all stages of the application
  • Representation and communication when dealing with the administrative authorities
  • Completion of your application and help with other required documents
  • Arrangement of application submission date at the Embassy
  • Speeding up letters to authorities
  • Training for Embassy personal interview
  • Compliance with COVID-19 rules and obligations
  • Postal service
  • Translation of documents into the Czech language

Please note: a Czech visa cannot be guaranteed by the agency’s service. The agency will give you the best possible chance of claiming a visa but please note, in the event the Ministry rejects your application, the visa service fee is non-refundable.

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