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After acceptance to Prague Film Institute you will need to apply for Czech visa, unless you are from EU, EEA or Switzerland. The Czech Republic is part of The European Union so with Czech long-term visa you will be allowed to travel in all member EU countries. This may come in handy if will be studying a long-term course and want to travel around Europe during summer break.

VISA & health insurance BUNDLE

The requirements for visa application vary by countries so we strongly recommend to use a visa agency to avoid mistakes which can get your visa rejected. You can simply order our visa & health insurance bundle to save time, funds and nerves.

SHORT-TERM VISA (up to 90 days)

Price:  23 000 CZK*


*Doesn’t include: *Doesn’t include government expenses and fees for translations and courier services (the price vary by countries). The final price will be specified by the agent.


LONG-TERM VISA (over 90 days)

Price:  55 894 CZK*


*Includes: long-term visa, 1 year health insurance, fees for translations and courier services, accommodation papers for ministry application, personal assistance at the Foreign Office after arrival to Prague 


what’s included?

long-term Visa & insurance bundle

Long-term visa (19 965 CZK)

  • Review of all required documents
  • Arranging of the court translations, certified copies
  • Arranging of the submission appointment at the embassy
  • Communication with all relevant authorities
  • Monitoring of the application status during the whole process
  • Application for acceleration of proceedings in case of delay on the part of the Ministry of Interior
  • Arranging of the health insurance
  • Coordination of necessary steps after approval of the application
  • Informing applicant about currently valid protection measures and rules for arrival to Czech Republic
  • Booking an appointment at the Foreign Office in Prague
  • Personal assistance at the Foreign Office in Prague

Accommodation (5 929 CZK)

  • Accommodastion papers for ministry application

Budget (28 000 CZK)

  • 19 000 CZK: cost of 1 year health insurance (standard price 28 000 CZK, discount is applicable only for students who order visa & health insurance bundle of Prague Film Institute)
  • 9 000 CZK: budget (for court translations, notarial and certified fees, stamps, DHL services, etc.)

*note: is not possible to calculate the exact price in advance because the price changes over time. In most cases, this budget is sufficient to cover all expenses

Administrative fee (2 000 CZK)

  • Covers the cost of Prague Film Institute’s services, such as coordinating and re-invoicing all entities

Please note: a Czech visa cannot be guaranteed by this bundle. It will give you the best possible chance of claiming a visa but please note, in the event the Ministry rejects your application, the fees (except health insurance included in “budget”) are non-refundable.

payment information

 To choose the visa service, simply tick the visa service in the course online application form. We will add the cost of the visa & health insurance bundle to your first deposit payment. This service will save your time and money because you won’t need to send about 3-4 international payments to different parties in the Czech Republic (visa agency, courier, insurance company etc.). Moreover, we can guarantee you high quality of the services provided because our partner visa agency is experienced and trustworthy.


about the visa process

Find more information about the visa process requirements on the websites of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. 



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